Serve With Purpose

In Congress, Miguel Olivas wants to continue the work he’s always done – finding solutions to the problems faced by everyday folks in his community. From his time on Capitol Hill to his work supporting the efforts of small community businesses, Miguel has always been the go to person when working people need real results, and not just more talk!

Miguel knows that the families of Arizona’s first district are facing mounting challenges in the Trump era. Residents are experiencing high rates of poverty, housing shortages, unemployment, health concerns, poor nutritional options, and cultural barriers. Miguel grew up here, raised his family here, continues to live here, and works on issues critical to his neighbors every day.

Miguel has the vision to strengthen and empower Arizona residents and all Americans. During the last several years Miguel has secured millions of dollars in support to eradicate homelessness among veterans. He organized support for the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), water protection rights, the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument, and secured funding to enhance health care services in rural communities.

When elected to Congress Miguel will secure vital community resources to attract job creating industries that provide a livable wage, improve the quality of K-12 public education, put a stop to Congress raiding social security, stand up for the LGBTQ community by proposing explicit anti-discrimination protections across all areas of life, and build a coalition to finally fix the veteran health care system.

There’s never been a time when Arizona and America needed leadership more, and Miguel Olivas has a track record of standing up for the issues that matter to all people, every day! With your help, Miguel will have the support to bring this message to the voters and win in 2018!

Please visit,, to make a contribution and learn how you can join this movement for change, today!