Arizona’s 1st District

Arizona’s 1st Congressional district encompasses most the State and includes the suburbs of both Phoenix and Tucson. The district includes the Navajo Nation, the Hopi reservation, and the Gila River Indian Community. The district has more Native Americans than any other Congressional district in the United States. A full 25% of the population is Native American, primarily Navajo, Hopi, and Pima.

The district is home to a diverse population that ranges from highly educated suburbanites to rural working families. This diverse population is one of the key demographics crucial to winning statewide races in Arizona.

Arizona’s 1st Congressional district will be an essential target area in Democratic campaign to defeat Republican Senator Jeff Flake in 2018. A region critical to winning any statewide campaign in Arizona, a coalition of Democratic Party and advocacy groups are poised to invest significant resources in the 1st Congressional district as an important element of their strategy for victory in 2018.

This coalition of support presents a unique opportunity for Democrats in a Congressional district that historically leans Republican by 2 percent. Miguel Olivas has a strong record of service to his community and a personal profile with which voters can identify. He is asking for your support to fund a successful campaign and win in 2018.