About Miguel Olivas

Miguel Olivas has a background in both the private and public sectors. Prior to entering the corporate world, Miguel spent eleven years as a Congressional staffer. During that time he served as an advisor to both members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. This experience, working on a diverse platform of issues, equipped Miguel with the knowledge and skills to help others succeed in the private sector.

Miguel is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive leader with a strong portfolio of success orchestrating the start-up, growth, and optimization of diverse policy issues.

His private consulting firm helps elevate companies to their top revenue potential. Miguel is the managing partner in Olivas Rocks, recognized as a top international executive leadership consulting firm.

Miguel possesses combined advanced business expertise and post graduate education toward a PhD in Philosophy/Industrial and Organizational Psychology, an MBA in Global Management, BS in Justice Studies, and BS in Public Policy and Advocacy.

Miguel has resided in Arizona for more than four decades and has raised his family in the community that is encompassed by the Congressional District he now seeks. Miguel has spent his career representing the needs of his community, from his work on Capitol Hill to his support for local business. Miguel’s background and community advocacy are what drive his passion for fighting to bring jobs and opportunity back to the rural and urban communities he seeks to represent in Congress.

Miguel Olivas has a demonstrated commitment to making his community a better and safer place for everyone. Miguel is passionate about representing the needs of his community in Washington and he is uniquely qualified to fight for his community and the challenges it faces every day. In Congress, Miguel will do what he has always done – work hard and bring a fresh approach to solving problems. With strong ties to his community and a personal and professional profile with which Arizona voters can identify, Miguel Olivas is perfectly positioned for victory in 2018.